how to style with loafers & moccasins shoes

How to style with loafers

Loafers are the more casual style of the pair. They can be worn in any casual setting and go very well with both shirts and t-shirts, jeans, cargo pants and even shorts. In fact, wearing shorts with loafers will make the shorts look dressier. Make sure that even though you are wearing casual shoes, they still need to match your belt, which is a rule which we believe you should follow. The reason for this is that your accessories, such as your shoes, your belt, etc. are used to frame your outfit, so if they are from the same “world”, you will look more put together than if they were not. To buy loafers for men online India visit our site and find out the best collection of loafers with great deals.

How to style with moccasins

Moccasins are the more formal brothers of loafers. This however, does not mean that they are to be worn at black tie events or other highly formal settings. Depending on the fabric and color, moccasins (as well as loafers) can look more or less formal. Don’t forget the rule: the more shiny a shoe, the more formal it is. If you are planning on wearing moccasins when going to the beach, make sure you can’t see your reflection in them. To buy moccasins shoes for men online visit our site and find out the best collection of moccasins with great deals.

Additional tips:

Slip-on/loafers shoes can be worn without socks. Their design is quite special and sometimes you will look better if you are wearing loafers or moccasins without socks, but that is, of course, your personal choice. An alternative to going sock-less are of course invisible socks. These are socks that are so low that when you wear them, it appears as if you would not be wearing any socks.

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